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Welcome to The Veterinary Clinic Located in Brunswick, ME

Welcome to The Veterinary Clinic, the leading veterinary practice in Brunswick. We offer comprehensive pet care for small mammals, exotics, dogs, and cats, as well as providing avian services. Our team of veterinary doctors have more than 60 years of vet experience. Discover the many benefits of going to The Veterinary Clinic for all of your pets’ needs.


Preventative Pet Services in Brunswick

To keep your pet’s health on the right track we recommend bringing it in for a wellness check annually. During this visit, we will help you decide if pet immunizations, dental care, nutritional counseling, microchipping, or lifestyle changes would benefit your pet’s health. By taking these preventative measures your pet can better ward of diseases and preventable illnesses. Give your pet the best outlook on a long and healthy life with annual pet exams at The Veterinary Clinic.

Pet Dental Care

While pet dental care is an important part of pet health care, it is unfortunately overlooked by most pet owners. Your pet can suffer from irreversible conditions including tooth and gum loss, as well as damage to the heart and kidney failure caused by bacteria from the mouth entering the pet’s bloodstream. To prevent dental disease and oral conditions we recommend having your pet’s mouth checked during their wellness exam. We also do in-office teeth cleanings using general anesthesia to ensure your pet is comfortable and safe during the procedure. For this process, we will require a blood screen panel from your pet to make sure they are safe for anesthesia. 

Microchipping Services

Another important type of preventative care is microchipping for pets. To protect your pet from getting lost or stolen, we offer microchipping. This procedure uses the Datamars pet recovery system to keep track of your pet. The process is quick and does not require anesthesia; it is similar to getting a routine shot. Your pet’s microchip will remain in place and activated throughout their life.

Pet Surgery and Physical Rehabilitation 

If your pet has been in an accident, has tumors, or is suffering from an illness that requires surgery, we offer full-service surgery. All four of our doctors, Dr. Matthew Horgan, Dr. Amy Woos, Dr. Kevin Cowan, and Dr. Erica Parthum, are highly skilled in surgical procedures. We also provide physical rehabilitation to pets post-surgery to ensure an efficient recovery process. Our rehab services also support pets that suffer from chronic pain and diseases, such as arthritis, back pain, and orthopedic injuries. Your Brunswick veterinarian has an underwater treadmill, balance boards, and more tools to help with pet physical rehabilitation.

Visit The Veterinary Clinic in Brunswick to Schedule an Appointment Today!

As the preferred veterinarian in Brunswick, The Veterinary Clinic serves as a full-service vet clinic. In addition to physical rehabilitation and pet surgery, we offer dental and micro-chipping. Our veterinarians Drs. Horgan, Wood, Cowan, and Parthum are available to improve your pet’s health and well-being. Contact our office at 207-729-3412 to schedule your appointment.


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "If you are looking for true caring and devotion to your pets then this is a must go place for you. Our dog can walk because of this wonderful clinic. this is simply put the most amazing place to go."
    Debra N.
  • "Took our dog Ziggy in for a physical. Everyone was great! Receptionist was friendly and helpful. The vet techs treated our little man with love. Dr. Cowan was knowledgeable and friendly. Thanks for a great visit!"
    Alison O'Malley