Veterinary Services Offered at the Veterinary Clinic in Brunswick

Every pet should see the veterinarian at least once a year for an annual checkup. At The Veterinary Clinic in Brunswick ME, we provide all the services pets need from birth through the end of life. We help pets avoid serious illnesses, recover from injuries and diseases and maintain good health.

Veterinarian in Brunswick holding a dog and cat.

Preventative Care

Good health starts with preventative care. We provide a range of preventative services for pets, including:

  • Vaccinations - Pet vaccinations are important for helping pets avoid serious illnesses and common diseases. Vaccinations are first administered when pets are young. Booster shots help pets maintain immunity throughout adulthood.We customize your pet’s vaccine schedule to their lifestyle.
  • Wellness exams - During wellness exams we perform a full physical examination including heart rate, breathing, and laboratory testing. Wellness exams also present pet owners with a good chance to ask questions about pet care and pet behaviors, which can help pet owners, take better care of their pets at home.
  • Dental care - Our dental care services are important for helping your pet maintain healthy teeth and gums. We clean and polish enamel, identify dental disease and make recommendations for further treatment as needed.
  • Spaying and neutering - Spaying and neutering can prevent unwanted pet pregnancies and can also help your pet avoid conditions like diseases of the reproductive system


Microchipping can help reunite you with your pet if your pet is ever lost. Our micro-chipping services are fast and safe. We recommend that all pet owners seek micro-chipping services for their pet, so ask your pet's veterinarian about these services at his or her next wellness appointment.

Emergency and Urgent Care

Pets that fall sick or get injured may benefit from seeing the veterinarian. At The Veterinary Clinic in Brunswick, we provide emergency and urgent care to ensure that your pet can get the treatment he or she needs to make a full recovery. Our emergency and urgent care services treat conditions like:

  • Ingestion of toxic substance
  • Struck by car
  • Injuries from fights with other animals
  • Sudden illness

If you're not sure whether or not your pet needs emergency services, contact us today.

Rehabilitation Services

Pets who become injured benefit from physical rehabilitation services. Through regular treatment and physical therapies, we can help your pet overcome chronic pain and heal from injuries more quickly. Rehabilitation services are also helpful for pets that have recently undergone a surgery and are struggling to heal.

Types of Pets We Treat

At The Veterinary Clinic in Brunswick ME, we treat cats, dogs, exotics, including rabbits, pocket pets, and reptiles. We also offer avian services for pet birds! If you're not sure whether or not your pet can be treated at our clinic, contact us to find out more.

Contact The Veterinary Clinic in Brunswick Today!

At The Veterinary Clinic, we offer technician appointments and veterinary appointments to pets of our community! To schedule, an appointment contact us today at (207) 729-3412.


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "If you are looking for true caring and devotion to your pets then this is a must go place for you. Our dog can walk because of this wonderful clinic. this is simply put the most amazing place to go."
    Debra N.
  • "Took our dog Ziggy in for a physical. Everyone was great! Receptionist was friendly and helpful. The vet techs treated our little man with love. Dr. Cowan was knowledgeable and friendly. Thanks for a great visit!"
    Alison O'Malley