Euthanasia Services

We know you love your pets, and at The Veterinary Clinic in Brunswick, Maine, our veterinarian team does everything we can to support and honor the special bond between you and your animal companion. If and when you and your family need to make the incredibly difficult decision regarding end-of-life care for your cat or dog, please know that we are here to help you every step of the way. Our clinic is family-owned and operated, and our entire staff has both professional and personal experience with the challenge of saying goodbye to the animals who love us best.

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Dog & Cat Euthanasia At Our Brunswick Vet Clinic: What to Expect

If your animal is ill, in pain, and unable to enjoy a meaningful quality of life despite exhausting all other measures, dog or cat euthanasia may very well be the most humane and loving choice. The staff at our Brunswick vet clinic completely understands how heartbreaking this can be, but we want you to understand that no matter what emotions you are going through, we will do our very best to create a caring and welcoming environment for both you and your beloved companion.

If you choose to consult with our team at The Veterinary Clinic of Brunswick regarding end-of-life care for your pet, we pledge:

  • To maintain the utmost level of privacy and respect for you and your family.
  • To treat your pet with the same degree of love, kindness, and dignity that we would extend to any member of our own family.
  • To answer any and all your questions about your pet and help you navigate this challenging transition.
  • To offer full, one-on-one support throughout every stage of the process.

If together as a team, both you and our staff decide that euthanasia is the best and most humane option for your animal, we'll take all the time you need to help you understand the process.

By sedating your animal first, we're able to provide our euthanasia services in a peaceful and dignified way, thus ensuring that your pet is as comfortable and calm as possible as you say your final goodbyes.

Lastly, to honor the memory of your special friend, our staff can help you fulfill any final wishes and provide clay paw imprints or your animal's cremated remains, both of which are handled with the utmost care and respect.

Is It Time to Start Discussing End-of-Life Plans for Your Pet?

We know your pet will never be forgotten, and we would truly be humbled to help you honor your pet's legacy. If you have questions about pet euthanasia in Brunswick, ME, call our team today at (207) 729-3412. We're a family-owned and family-oriented full-service veterinary clinic with a team of caring and experienced vets who are fully committed to helping both you and your pet find peace, comfort, and caring throughout all the difficult transitions in life.


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  • "If you are looking for true caring and devotion to your pets then this is a must go place for you. Our dog can walk because of this wonderful clinic. this is simply put the most amazing place to go."
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