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Pet Diagnostics from Our Brunswick Animal Hospital

Since animals are unable to tell us how they feel or where they are hurting, on-site diagnostic services are particularly valuable to veterinarians: For this reason, at The Veterinary Clinic in Brunswick, we have state-of-the-art diagnostic testing equipment available. The ability to quickly attain your pet's diagnostic results is extremely important because the faster the results are obtained; the sooner your pet will be headed down the road to recovery.

X-ray of a dogs leg.

Veterinary Services in Brunswick

We offer a variety of veterinary services in Brunswick for an array of animals, including dogs, cats, birds and exotic pets. Whether you need to bring your pet in for an annual wellness check, or you have concerns related to your pet’s health, our veterinarians have the experience necessary to examine, accurately diagnose and treat your pet.

Pet Diagnostics Brunswick

At The Veterinary Clinic, we know that your pet is part of your family. For this reason, we provide on-site pet diagnostics Brunswick to reduce turnaround time on diagnostic tests and obtain your pet’s test results faster.

Pet Diagnostics

The diagnostic services we offer on-site include blood testing, urine tests, stool tests, ultrasounds and pet x-rays. With the use of these advanced pet diagnostics, our veterinarians are able to view a complete picture of your pet’s health.

  • Radiology - Pet x-rays assist our veterinarians in diagnosing a variety of potential health issues. Among other things, an x-ray can help our veterinarians diagnose orthopedic conditions, joint injuries, and fractures. Other medical problems that can be detected through radiography include issues related to the heart, lungs, bladder, abdomen, kidneys and the oral cavity.
  • Ultrasound - At The Veterinary Clinic, we can perform in-house cardiac and abdominal ultrasounds. An ultrasound is a non-invasive, pain-free procedure that utilizes high-frequency sound waves as a means to create an image of the internal organs. Using an ultrasound device, we can detect many diseases that are undiscoverable with just an external exam.
  • Laboratory - Using our in-house diagnostic laboratory, we can detect conditions and diseases through the use of blood, stool, and urine. We frequently use these specimens to detect urinary tract infections, intestinal parasites, Lyme disease, heartworms and feline leukemia. Having an in-house laboratory allows us to diagnose and then treat sick pets in a timely manner.

Pet Exams

At The Veterinary Clinic in Brunswick, it is not uncommon for pet exams to include some type of diagnostic testing. For example, a blood test may be required to ensure that a dog does not have heartworms prior to beginning a heartworm treatment regimen or a stool test may be necessary to check for intestinal parasites. Furthermore, by performing routine blood tests annually, we are more likely to detect the early signs of diseases like diabetes. In addition, we can use these diagnostic tests to detect changes in kidney or liver function. Furthermore, we can quickly screen healthy pets prior to surgical or dental procedures that require the use of anesthesia.

The Veterinary Clinic is a full-service veterinary medical clinic that is located at 304 ½ Maine Street in Brunswick, Maine. We are dedicated to providing each of our patients with the most advanced medical care, dental care, surgical care and laser therapy available in and around Brunswick: Our goal is to provide pet owners with the information they need to keep their pets happy and healthy.

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